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When sending us an e-mail regarding a support issue, please include the following:

  • Name of the Application
  • Type of Mobile Platform: i.e. (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android, BlackBerry®)
  • Model of Phone - Esepcially important for the BlackBerry® and Android
  • OS Level
  • Nature of the Problem or Enhancement Request
  • In the rare case where the application crashes, please include as much information about the steps you were performing when this happened.

To get help with an issue, please send an email to


One Day At A Time - iPhone/iTouch

The following are some common problems that customers write us about:

How do I Highlight Passages?

While displaying a chapter from the Big Book, hold you finger down for a couple of seconds on the area you want to Highlight. A Select area will appear with handles that can be dragged over the area you want to highlight. Once you have selected the area to Highlight, then press the Highlighter icon in the upper right corner.You can press the Highlighter again if you want to un-highlight.

To un-highlight, select the area that is Highlighted, then Highlight again, and un-Highlight.

I change the fonts in the Settings, but the chapters do not change.

There is some built in caching mechanisms for speed of display. You must restart the One Day At A Time application for new settings to take effect.

My Application Does Not Show Up After Purchase

This is a common problem with all applications on the Apple Store. If you buy an application from iTunes while logged on to your PC, the iTunes store will show you all applications that are on the AppStore. When you go to the AppStore from your device, you are only shown applications that support your version of the OS. The One Day At A Time application requires the OS version 3.0 or later. If you have an earlier version of the OS and you purchased your application from iTunes on your PC, you will not see the application on the device.

The Meditations seem to be off by one day.

The One Day At A Time application downloads the meditations from various web sites. The sites do not all update their content right at midnight. Sometimes it is done in the middle of the day. We do not have any control over their update schedule and are at their mercy.

One Day At A Time - BlackBerry®

07/08/2010 -

To Get Support

Please get the model number and Platform OS level, click on Settings and then select the first item About. The first 3 lines on that screen should include the model and OS Platform Level.

If you have version 4.5 or less, please click on the link above to upgrade your phone OS.

Is you are still having trouble, you can send us an email to and please include the phone Model and OS level and any error messages you are getting.

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