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Our experts can help on a wide range of business solutions
Here are just a few examples of our recent projects.

  • Development of WebSphere Process Server Application to Automate Application Process (Large Insurance)

  • Development of Reservoir Managmenet/Collaboration Portal (Large Oil Company)

  • Development of a Stevedor Management Application (Large Shipping Company)

In addition our consultants have created products for a cumulative 102 years.

Here are a few examples of our work.

SeisWorks® 3D Seismic Interpretation Software


The industry leader in 3D seismic data analysis and interpretation
SeisWorks® 3D software provides innovative 3D viewing and interpretation capabilities and easy-to-use interpretation productivity tools to support and enhance horizon and fault interpretation. It is the industry standard for 3D seismic data analysis and interpretation. With SeisWorks 3D software, interpreters can work with a 2D project and multiple 3D projects concurrently for great interpretation flexibility.

Landmark’s SeisWorks® product family is the oil and gas industry’s leading integrated seismic interpretation and analysis software package delivering core interpretation functionality to seismic interpreters. The SeisWorks family sets the performance measure for the management, access, display, and interpretation of large-survey data.

Through Landmark’s OpenWorks® data management environment, SeisWorks software offers interpreters unprecedented cross-discipline data access and integration with a powerful suite of innovative technologies, supporting advanced seismic interpretation workflows.

ZAP!® 3d Survey Event Tracking Software

ZAP!® 3d survey event tracking software provides automated event tracking tool for 3D surveys.
Based on seed points and user selected picking attributes ZAP! tools automatically tracks every trace in every line of your 3D survey.

Minimize event picking time

ZAP! Software’s automated event picking minimizes interpretation time for any 3D survey. You pick a few seed points, then ZAP! technology automatically tracks events with similar attributes. The autotracker can pick at speeds in excess of 2000 traces per second. You may find your tracking speeds increasing by a factor of two or more compared to older versions of ZAP!

Greater confidence in picked horizons
ZAP! technology outputs a “Confidence” horizon allowing you to evaluate the reliability of autotracked horizons.

IBM® Tivoli® Enterprise Console®

IBM® Tivoli® Enterprise Console® consolidates events from networks, hardware and software throughout the environment

It provides an infrastructure overview and sophisticated, automated problem diagnosis and resolution to help you improve system performance and reduce your support costs.

IBM® Rational® Build Forge®

IBM® Rational® Build Forge® - Automate and accelerate build and release processes.

IBM® Rational® Build Forge® is an adaptive process execution framework that automates, orchestrates, manages, and tracks all the processes between each handoff within the assembly line of software development, creating an automated software factory. Rational Build Forge integrates into your current environment and supports major development languages, scripts, tools, and platforms; allowing you to continue to utilize your existing investments while adding valuable capabilities around process automation, acceleration, notification, and scheduling.

What We Do


Help Companies Cross the Chasm Start-Up companies need a combination of:

  • Greate Product
  • Great Service
  • Market Pain
  • Execution
  • And One Lucky Impending Event


IBM acquires Build Forge

There's no denying the importance of organizations complying with industry regulations and meeting audit requirements, such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and Basel II or software development standards, like Capability Maturity Model® Integration (CMMI). In an effort to help customers meet these demands, IBM has acquired Build Forge, Inc., a provider of development automation software that aids in the building, testing and releasing of software projects, which can ultimately help organizations more easily manage external or internal mandates. The more a company can automate and manage its software development process, the easier it is for them to extract the information needed to manage external or internal mandates.

Build Forge's technology will extend the IBM Rational Software Development Platform by adding new capabilities that customers can use to better manage their software development process, including technology to more easily automate, track, audit and analyze the application development lifecycle. In addition to helping customers manage compliance mandates, these elements complement the Rational Software brand strategy of helping organizations govern the business process of software and systems development.

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